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As established installers Infinity Environmental Limited are trusted by hundreds of customers in wastewater management, to make us East Anglia leading commercial sewage treatment plant installers. From simple repair to complete new commercail sewage treatment plant installation our design service is bespoke to your project requirements. We can recommend the best products on the market being independent installer’s we are not tied to any one manufacture and therefor offer the most competitive price on the market.

Our free site visit is available for all new commercial sewage treatment plant systems offering comprehensive written quotation for the best-off mains drainage solution available to you. If you are looking for independent installer of commercial sewage treatment plants in East Anglia, please call the specialists on 01206 890222 or take further look at our case study below for a commercial sewage treatment plant installation we have undertaken.

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The majority of business are served by main drainage but for small fraction of business off mains drainage is the only solution. If your business is situated in rural location it’s more than likely you will need measures in place for new off mains drainage system suitable to your business requirements.

The strength of the sewage entering the package sewage treatment plant should be considered when sizing the off mains drainage system. The under sizing of commercial sewage treatment plant is common mistake and honest approach with future business growth will enable us to size your system correctly. We would consider the usage in every aspect to size the sewage treatment plant complying to ‘British water flows and loads-Part 4.’ It would enable us to calculate the right population equivalent for your requirements.


Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants Process 

All sewage treatment plants are based on the same principle: to create the right environment for aerobic bacteria to be produced. The addition or presence of air creates microorganisms to break down the sewage, with various treatment and settlement zones. The effluent quality from most leading manufacturers is 95% or above clean water through the various stages of sewage treatment. The effluent from sewage treatment plant can discharge to watercourse or discharge to a drainage field (soakaway)  subject to Environment Agency approval.

Key Benefits

  • Air compressors -Simple maintenance
  • Virtually odourless
  • Single tank or multiple tanks – flexibility in design & installation.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Invert depths suitable up to 1500 mm
  • Pumped outlet option for discharge


  • Pub
  • Hotel
  • Visitor Center
  • Nursing Homes
  • Business parks
  • Industrial estates

Case Study

We received enquiry through our website submission form to resolve septic tank problem for business premises in East Anglia. On inspection the septic tank was backed up towards the premises caused by soakaway failure. Further to tank emptying internal baffle was collapsed due to the septic tank imploding. New business requirements meant the use of septic tank would not be acceptable for wastewater solution and modern package sewage treatment plant alternative was the only way forward. We liaised with the Environment Agency to obtain discharge consent to discharge treated effluent from the sewage treatment plant directly to the ditch.

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20th August 2016
Southend-on-Sea , Essex
Ground Conditions
Commercial package Sewage treatment plant Installation
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25 People

  • Underground services were a concern at the business premises being in commercial area there were number of utility services near the area of works. Service maps were obtained off all utility companies and number of test holes were dug by hand to find water, electric, and telephone cables.
  • We dug down by hand to find incoming drain run to redirect drain from existing septic tank and use drain run depth for datum point to install the package sewage treatment plant at the correct depth.
  • Laser level was used throughout installation for correct depth and alignment of the sewage treatment plant.
  • Excavation was dug with excavator to manufactures specification with concrete backfill of the package sewage treatment plant.
  • On completion the sewage treatment plant was installed with a cover slab to protect from passing traffic above in the parking area and left with stone finish to blend in with the parking area.

On completion of the new commercial package sewage treatment plant went through final checks before issuing commissioning certificate. Further to building inspector looking at works at various stages a ‘completion certificate of works was issued by Castle Point District Council. It offers the customer reassurance the works carried out comply with the latest building regulations and high standard of work carried out by Infinity Environmental. We liaised with all local authorities on the customer’s behalf from discharge consent to building regulations approval.

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