Conder ASP range of package sewage treatment plants offer solution for variety of site conditions. The treatment systems comply with the latest standard recognized by the Environment Agency and Building regulations approval.

Designed for residential dwellings from 6 persons upwards to commercial projects of 25 Persons. The ASP range offers a wastewater solution where mains drainage is not available, and has obtained the most up to date standard EN 12566 – 3 for effluent quality, and structural testing.

All treatment system installed by us are sized to the correct population equivalent for domestic property to light commercial premises. Conder ASP range offer variety of package sewage treatment plants systems for your requirements from 6 – 25 population for your off mains drainage solution.

Conder ASP Sewage Treatment plant

Key Benefits

EN12566 - 3 Certified
Tested to the latest standard
Aesthetic Installation
Below ground Installation
Energy Saving
Low energy consumption
Odour Free
No odour at all is produced
Money Saving
Low maintenance costs
Outlet Options
Optional invert depths & pumped outlet available.

How it Works

The Conder ASP comprises of a single tank and within this tank there is inner central bio-zone chamber and an otter settlement zone. Sewage enters and leaves the treatment plant through the following process:

  • The plant accepts and treats the incoming sewage in the central bio-zone chamber, with use of exstended aeration priciple.
  • A simple coarse bubble diffuser, housed in a draft tube, introduces the air that provides the oxygen to the bacteria, which then treats the sewage.
  • The bio-zone then retains the mixtureof sewage and bacteria until the level of treatment has been achieved.
  • The treated effulent then enters the settlement zone where settlement takes place. The settled solids are drawn back to the draft tube, housing the diffuser and are returned via the airlift principle to the bio-zone for further treatment.
  • The treated (Final) effulent subsequently leave the plant over a weir, at outlet level, that exstends the circufrence of the tank. The movement of fluid throughout the whould system is by gravity displacement. The option for intergral final effulent pumped discharge is available.

Conder ASP Information

The Advantages

The Conder ASP package sewage treatment plants are recommended for their simplistic design activated sludge process, and maintenance costs are minimal due to their unique design.

Installation & Supply

We are independent installers and suppliers for Conder ASP range of package sewage treatment plants. Please view our case study for Conder ASP installation serving four-bedroom property.

Covering work throughout Essex & East Anglia from simple repair to new package sewage treatment plant installations. Our free site visit is available for all new sewage treatment plant systems offering comprehensive written quotation for the best-off mains drainage solution available on the market.

Please contact us for quoting your new Conder ASP sewage treatment plant installation.

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