As established installers in sewage treatment plants covering Essex & Sufolk. We offer solutions from simple repair to the most demanding installation for domestic and commercial applications. If you are looking for your off mains drainage solution contact the specialist.

Basic Principle

All sewage treatment plants are based on the principle to create the right environment for aerobic bacteria to be produced. The additional presence of air creates micro-organisms to break down the wastewater within various treatment and settlement zones. The effluent quality from most leading manufacturers is 95 % or above clean effluent through various treatment methods. The main advantages of installing a sewage treatment plant is to overcome poor ground conditions for a drainage field, or effluent produced in most circumstances is acceptable to discharge to natural watercourse.

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Sewage Treatment Plant Types

Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant

Tricel Novo Package Sewage Treatment Plants

Tricel Novo sewage treatment systems have low maintenance and running costs, and are easy to de-sludge. They are quiet in operation, underground installation, and minimal visual impact on their surroundings. They are manufactured from one of the strongest glass reinforced plastic materials available, SMC. This guarantees a very robust and durable product. For more information please click here.

Condor Sewage Treatment Plant

Conder ASP Package Sewage Treatment Plants

Rewatec ASP range offers a wastewater solution where mains drainage is not available. The Rewatec ASP has obtained the most up to date standard EN 12566 – 3 for effluent quality, and structural testing. The Rewatec ASP package sewage treatment plants are recommended for their simplistic design activated sludge process, and maintenance costs are minimal due to their unique design. For more information please click here.

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Marsh Ensign Package Sewage Treatment Plants

Marsh Ensign sewage treatment plants are widely regarded as the most efficient, reliable and economical domestic systems on the market.

The standard Ensign has been adapted to improve reliability and the Ensign:Ultra now brings unique enhancements to further improve noise level, treatment efficiency and final effluent quality.

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Clearwater E-Range Package Sewage Treatment Plant

The Clearwater E Range is the economical off-mains solution for single houses and uses the tried and tested aerobic biological process for the treatment of domestic sewage.

The Range now comes with improved effluent quality with higher BOD5 and TSS removal than older Clearwater E range models.

Latest Standard EN12566-Part 3

Latest package sewage Treatment Plants Standard EN 12566-Part 3 

We only install packages sewage treatment plant tested to the latest EN12566-Part 3 to give the customer reassurance the products we install have been tried and tested. The standard is recognized by all local authorities including the Environment Agency ‘General Binding Rules’ for discharge consent to a watercourse.

EN 12566-Part 3 Standard is a 38-week test for sewage treatment plants the test includes the process (BOD, TSS, NH4,)

  • Structural behaviour
  • Effluent quality
  • Water-tightness
  • Durability

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