Septic tanks can be known as traditional solution for domestic property and commercial premises without access to mains drainage. Most commonly made from two individual chambers to divide the solids from the liquids. The primary chamber prevents solids passing over to the secondary chamber before entering the drainage field. Traditional building methods can be brick construction or modern day septic tanks made from GRP or polyethylene. We only install  the latest type of septic tanks being more suitable for installation. They comply to the latest EN12566-1 standard for septic tanks.

The basic principle for both traditional and modern septic tanks is to retain the majority of solids before they enter a soakaway. Wastewater enters the primary chamber, allowing solids to settle and scum to float. The settled solids are anaerobically digested (known as cold digestion) reducing the volume of solids. The liquid passes over to the secondary chamber for further settlement. The displaced liquid from the secondary tank will then enter the outlet chamber to distribute the clarified effluent to the soakaway to complete the process.

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Septic Tank Types

Traditional Septic Tanks

Typical design for traditional septic tanks have two individual chambers commonly known as primary and secondary with an access point for each chamber. The connections on the inlet, transfer pipe, and outlet are made via Tee pipe. The Tee pipe allows liquid to exit without disturbing any crust on the surface. It is most important that T pipes are in place to prevent solids being passed over to the soakaway causing soakaway failure.

Spherical Septic Tanks

The spherical septic tank most commonly known as ‘onion’ or ‘Klargester’ are the most common GRP types since traditional brick built or pre-cast concrete rings. Spherical septic tanks are based on the same principle of two chamber design with internal baffle creating two chambers within the spherical tank. Access to emptying the septic tank could be made by a single emptying point unlike traditional septic tanks.   

Low-Profile Septic Tanks

Most recent design in the past few years of septic tanks with the added benefits of being low profile. Shallow dig makes installation effortless as possible with reduced cost on backfill. They are mainly made from high-density polyethylene offering robust tank at a competitive price.

Septic Tank Information

Key Facts

Standard septic tanks only partially treat wastewater at very low quality. In many circumstances, local authorities prohibit their use. Low levels of treatment occurring if at all causing unpleasant odour. 

Before installation consider the following for the septic tank & drainage field:

  • Septic tank to be located at least 10 meters away from any property.
  • Soil is suitable porosity for drainage field.
  • Septic tank & soakaway complies with building regulations (Approved Document H2)
  • Installed in suitable location away from any watercourse.   
  • Outside groundwater zone 1
  • Untreated effluent cannot enter watercourse under any circumstances.

We would always consider package sewage treatment plants the main solution due to biological treatment technology producing outstanding effluent quality with odourless operation. Only sewage treatment plant that are compliant with Environment Agency regulations can discharge treated effluent to a watercourse.

Signs of Problems

  • Inspection lid lifting.
  • Wastewater backing up from the septic tank.
  • Land around the Septic tank or soakaway wet, soft, or waterlogged.
  • Septic tank effluent entering a watercourse e.g. ditch, river. (Not allowed in any circumstances)

Installation & Supply

We are independent installers and suppliers for complete range of septic tanks. Please view our case study for septic tank installation serving domestic property.

Covering work throughout Essex & East Anglia from simple repair to new septic tank or package sewage treatment plant installations. Our free site visit is available for all new drainage systems offering comprehensive written quotation for the best-off mains drainage solution available on the market.

Please contact us for quoting your new septic tank or sewage treatment plant installation.

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