Sewage Treatment Plant Commissioning in Ipswich



commissioning sewage treatment plant in ipswich
Sewage Treatment Plant Commissioning in Ipswich


Infinity Environmental offer installation and commission only service for installing sewage treatment plants. We are independent installer of any size or any make of sewage treatment plants to offer the best-off mains drainage solution. Our services cover Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, East Hertfordshire for all types of sewage treatment plant installation commissioning being domestic property or commercial premises.

Last week we completed installation only for new Tricel Novo UK 12 in Ipswich and today we are completing final checks for commissioning the sewage treatment plant. The recommended Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant was ideal to overcome high water table due to shallow dig from it’s unique low profile design. The tank is made from the latest SMC (sheet moulding compound) and is one of the most strongest tanks on the market. The new 12 population sewage treatment plant is serving two properties and discharges to nearby watercourse. We liaised with all local authorities to approve discharge consent with the Environment Agency and obtained completion certificate of work from Ipswich Borough council.

On commissioning, we inspected the sewage treatment plant controls to make sure they are operating correctly, doubled checked all pipework for air leaks, the major components including the air blower filter, adequate ventilation throughout the treatment system, correct air pressure is maintained, even aeration pattern throughout the treatment zone, and commissioning certificate provided to the homeowner.

Our aftersales package includes maintenance schedule for future upkeep of the sewage treatment plant. It’s highly recommended sewage treatment plants serving domestic property is serviced and emptied on annual bases and inspected regular. To make sure you do your bit please be aware of the do’s and dont’s for trouble free running of your sewage treatment plant please visit our webpage at

To find out more about our sewage treatment plant installation only service and commission please contact us on 01206 89022 for free advice.