Sewage Treatment Plant Installation in Tendering

sewage treatment plant ready for installation
Sewage Treatment Plant installation in Tendering

Today we are setting up sewage treatment plant installation in Tendering. The homeowner contacted us through the website regarding septic tank problem. On inspection, the septic tank soakaway was failing causing the level to rise and the drain run to back up towards the farmhouse. From septic tank emptying we found the soakaway pouring back into the septic tank indicating soakaway failure. The main cause was naturally high water table not allowing the effluent to percolate into the ground. From site inspection, we looked at all options to repair the existing septic tank but with high water table a septic tank soakaway would not work.

We recommended to install sewage treatment plant and discharge treated effluent into the receiving watercourse. It would overcome poor ground conditions to resolve the off mains drainage problem the homeowner is experiencing. Prior to any works commencing we liaised with the Environment Agency to undertake all necessary checks for discharge to watercourse and liaised with Tendering District Council Building Control. The building inspector will look at the installation at various stages to obtain completion certificate of works. It would give the customer reassurance the works meet the latest building regulation.

The package sewage treatment plant recommended was the Conder ASP for installation. Its simple design would keep long term maintenance costs minimal and tested to the latest EN12566-3 standard for structural behaviour, effluent quality, water-tightness, durability. The sewage treatment plant is sized for 5 bedroom farmhouse and 3 bedroom barn conversion and selected 12 population system to serve both properties in accordance to British Water Flows and Loads – Part 4. To find further information on the Conder ASP range please visit our web page at

If you would like free site visit or free advice on replacement septic tank or sewage treatment plant, please call us on 01206 890222.