Replacement off mains drainage system in Chelmsford



sewage treatment plant installation in chelmsford

Replacement off mains drainage system in Chelmsford.

Today we are installing Tricel Novo in Boreham, Chelmsford. The works involved de-commissioning the existing septic tank and relocating the new off mains drainage system.

We are finding the recent dry weather are making ground conditions hard for digging specially being clay. No wonder the soakaway was failing and no way the soakaway could function in solid clay. Our alternative solution recommended to the customer was to install new package sewage treatment plant and discharge treated effluent to nearby stream. The benefits of new sewage treatment plant were to overcome poor ground conditions with odourless operation.

On selecting the right sewage treatment plant the Tricel Novo was the preferred choice to the customers with good feedback from the neighbours and recommend by us the installer. The sewage treatment plant was sized in accordance with ‘British Water Flows and Loads – Part 4’ and system based upon maximum population being 7 population for 5-bedroom property.

The installation on the new sewage treatment plant will be in the front garden. It would allow easy access to empty the system within 30 meters of the road on annual bases along with routine service. The works are expected to take 5 days and with weather looking good for this week we should be out the way for the weekend.

If you are experiencing septic tank problems are currently undertaking new build we off free site inspection. From visual inspection, we can tell a lot from our experience and usual tell-tale signs are easily found on problem septic tanks. If you need specialist advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 01206 890222 or contact page and one of our advisers will get back to you soon as possible.