Sewage Treatment Plants installation in Maldon

sewage treatment plant ready for installation in Maldon
Sewage treatment plant ready for installation in Maldon

Installing the New HDPE Conder ASP Package Sewage Treatment Plant in Maldon.

The popular Conder ASP range of sewage treatment plants ready for installation today in Maldon. The homeowner approached us through the website to replace the existing failing septic for a modern package sewage treatment plant to comply with the latest building regulations. The main advantages of the HDPE Conder ASP package sewage treatment plant are:

  • No odour produced;
  • Minimal visual impact;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Tested to the latest EN12566-3 standard;
  • Compliant to the Environment Agency General Binding Rules;
  • Latest sewage treatment technology;

The works involved are to relocate the sewage treatment plant to new position more suitable for annual emptying and servicing. Once the sewage treatment plant is installed we can concentrate on redirecting the drain run. We plan to trench the new drain run back towards the property and make the connection at the property at the end of the day. The main advantage of having the new drainage pipework in place is to cause minimal disturbance to the customer on transferring wastewater from existing septic tank to the new sewage treatment plant installation. On making the last connection for transfer it would averagely take 20 minutes to change over and would be able to use all amenities as normal.

The discharge from the sewage treatment plant is made by pumped outlet as gravity fall could not be achieved due to the gradient of the land being elevated. The existing septic tank discharge was made by gravity to drainage field commonly known as soakaway and poor ground conditions did not allow the clarified effluent to soakaway. The main advantage of the new package sewage treatment plant allows the treated effluent to enter suitable watercourse and overcomes poor ground conditions we are finding in Maldon.

The Conder ASP comes with variety of option with gravity or pumped outlets available, risers to suit different drain run depths, and range of sizes from 6 population through to 25 population. If you would like further information on supply or installation please contact the specialists on 01206 89022 or complete our website submission form on the contact us page.