Tricel Novo: Package Sewage Treatment Plant


tricel novo installation picture

Tricel Novo

Tricel range of sewage treatment plants offer variety of sizes from 6 population to 50 for domestic or commercial applications. They have obtained the latest EN Standard recognized by all local authorities including the Environment Agency.

Tricel manufacturing techniques are made from one of the most strongest glass reinforced plastic materils on the market, known as SMS. The quality and durability of product makes a very robust package sewage treatment plant. The high standard set from the manufacturing process and outstanding treatment method makes the Tricel Novo excellent value for money.

Key features & benefits

  • No moving parts involved in the treatment process.
  • Complies to the latest EN12566-3 standard.
  • Unique ceramic diffuser for longer lifespan.
  • Minimal visula impact.
  • Quiet in operation.
  • Latest manufacturing techiniques (compression moulded SMS tank)

Treatment Process 

The Tricel treatment process is 3 stage process known as submerged aerated filter. Latest treatment technology is used throughout the Tricel to create biological environment for wastewater treatment.

Stage 1: primary settlement chamber

Wastewater enters the primary chamber for anaerobic breakdown and settlement. The solid sink to the bottom of the primary chamber leaving the liquids seperated.

Stage 2: aeartion chamber

The second stage involes aerobic bacteria for treatment of wastewater. The right environment is created from aerated media where naturally occurring bacteria are produced. The airated water is constantly provided by air blower situated in housing above the sewage treatment plant.

Stage 3: final settlement chamber

The final stage of the Tricel Novo is the settlement chamber. The settlement chamber allows for any supended sludge consiting of bacteria to sink to the bottom of the chamber. Air driven airlift pumps the sludge back to the first chamber. The clean effulent at the top of the settlement chamber exits the sewage treatment plant to drainage field or suitable watercoures if suitable.

To see how the Tricel Novo works please visit Tricel to see the package sewage treatment plant in action.