Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant Installation


Klargester BE sewage treatment plant installation

Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

Architect approached us through the website on the design and installation of replacement commercial sewage treatment plant in Great Dunmow. The existing sewage treatment plant system was serving several properties and discharging 400 meters by gravity fall to watercourse. Replacement sewage treatment plant was necessary to serve additional property on the grounds.

On sizing the new commercial sewage treatment plant, we complied to ‘British water flows and loads – part 4’ to calculate the correct population for the project. The chosen sewage treatment plant for replacement was the Klargester BE suitable for up to 35 population. We liaised with Braintree District Council to organize local building inspector to visit the works at different stages for replacement system.

The works involved removing the existing sewage treatment plant were extensive. The tank was emptied prior to removal, breaker was used to remove the concrete surround around the existing sewage treatment plant, removal of contaminated waste from site, and further tank emptying was required until the several properties were connected to new sewage treatment plant the following day.

Laser level played key part in installation with only a tolerance of 145 mm between drain run and outlet connection. The 16-tonne excavator made light work of installation. Concrete base was leveled within 10 mm tolerance to archive the correct drain run depth and allow gravity discharge to existing outlet. The levels were doubled checked before back filling the sewage treatment plant with concrete.

The commercial sewage treatment plant was commissioned the following morning. From start to finish the works undertaken took 5 days to complete and replacement system installed within 24 hours. Minimal inconvenience was caused to the residents through careful planning carried out by Infinity Environmental. If you are looking for new or replacement commercial sewage treatment plant please do not hesitate to contact us.